Mackerel Feathers x 5

Mackerel Feathers x 5

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These Rigs are Made in GB so will not fall to pieces after the first cast like some of the rigs made with components coming from China.

 There is a high quality size 2 swivel at the top and a weight/bait clip at the bottom. Daylight Lures  x 4 hooks or coloured Feathers x 6 hooks.The hook is size 1/0 hook and the feathers act as a visual attractant to sight feeding species. These Feathers will not fall apart after a couple of cast and will take a lot of abuse and can be cast as hard as you like with no worry about the line snapping.

These are perfect for taking on your summer holiday when you are fishing new and unfamiliar beaches and venues or only have a few hours at a venue. If mackerel are there these rigs will catch them.  The rigs are individually checked to ensure 100% quality control on both knots and hook sharpness. We use the exactly the same rigs we sell as those we go fishing with. 

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