Shore Conger Fishing Rig (5 rigs per pack)

Shore Conger Fishing Rig (5 rigs per pack)

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These Conger/Rough Ground Rigs are made with 100 Asso Classic 100 lb clear line (Asso mono line is an Abrasion resistant co-polymer with High knot strength and Excellent strength to diameter ratio. It is easy to handle and tie knots and is an exceptionally reliable and durable line, made to perform under the toughest conditions - Ideal for Conger, Ling and other giants of the Ocean!).

At the sharp end is size 6/0 – 10/0 Wide Mouth Hooks – which are an outstanding heavy duty pattern with a super sharp point.) with a size 1/0 Swivel to connect to your mainline. There is an impact shield as a bait clip so very large baits can be used with no fear of early release when casting. Rig Body is 80lb Asso Classic Line.  All components are sourced from UK Warehouses and unlike cheap Chinese hooks and swivels will not let you down when that fish of a lifetime is on the end. Ideal for those Toothy species like Huss, big Cod, Ling, Conger and Skate. 

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